4G Fixed IP SIM Cards

Connect to your remote equipment quickly and easily.

High Speed 4G connection with static IP address

Plans from 2Gb to 128Gb
inclusive data.

Available for EE and Vodafone Networks in the UK.

service details


Eliminate the need for site visits– systems and services can be accessed from anywhere in the world using the internet.  Attach control systems, servers, cameras (anything with an IP address) to a 4G router with our fixed IP SIM card installed for remote management, monitoring and control. Save travel time, cost and reduce environmental impact.

Business continuity - for Disaster Recovery when fixed line internet fails. Internet and VPN services can be re-established quickly and without fuss.

Rapid Deployment – Our 4G SIM in an LTE 4G router can be installed and provide internet service in minutes – ideal for Pop-Up outlets, events and construction sites. The fixed IP can be used to access corporate networks securely.


Here are some M2M 4G Routers for you to consider.

  1. Proroute H685 4G Router
    Our best selling compact M2M 4G Router, the Proroute H685 4G Router provides 1 x LAN Port, WiFi and 1 x WAN Port (that can be converted to a second LAN port if required) and inlcudes ping reboot, SMS reboot and IPSEC VPN (server and client) and PPTP VPN.
  2. Teltonika RUT950 4G Router
    Teltonika now offer a 4G version of their popular RUT500 3G Router.  The RUT950 4G Router provides 3 x LAN ports, 1 x WAN port and WiFi and offers Open VPN as well as Ping Reboot and SMS Reboot.
  3. Proroute GEM420 Dual SIM 4G Router
    This is the updated 4G M2M Router from Proroute which will like the other M2M 4G Routers in the Proroute range, comes in a robust metal casing and provides an embedded 4G solution with 3 x LAN Ports, WiFi, 1 x WAN Port and DUAL SIM card holders which provide a basic failover service so if the network becomes unavailable it will switch to the second SIM and continue to use that SIM until the network becomes unavailable and switches back to the first SIM.  The GEM420 4G Router can also provide basic load balancing between the WAN Port and the embedded 4G modem.  It also offers IPSEC VPN functionality.

4G SIM Data Plans

This NEW 4G Fixed IP SIM Card Service is currently available over the EE 4G Network and is only available on a 24 month contract term.  There is NOT a PAYG 4G Fixed IP SIM Card Option.

4G Fixed IP SIM Connection Charge (per sim) £29.90

Monthy Rental Plans

3Gb Inclusive Data - £35.00 per month rental
5Gb Inclusive Data - £49.75 per month rental
12Gb Inclusive Data - £65.00 per month rental
25Gb Inclusive Data - £85.00 per month rental
30Gb Inclusive Data - £98.00 per month rental

Contract is 24+1 month contract

There is no shorter contract term available and these services are available to business users only.

Tafiff Overuse - 5p per MB for 3GB, 5GB and 12GB plans and 2.5p per MB for 25GB and 30GB plans.

In order to take advantage of high speed 4G services the 4G Fixed IP SIM card will need to be used with a 4G compatible router.

Prices exclude VAT and delivery. 

This information is for guidance only. Full details and terms and conditions can be found on the 4G Fixed IP SIM Card Order Form.

Business contracts only - these plans are not available for residential customers / consumers.